Do People Still Hack DirecTV? Really?


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What is a DirecTV Hack? 

And How a DirecTV Hack Can Get You in a World of Trouble

First, what is the idea behind a DirecTV hack?

As long as satellite and cable television have been around -- meaning for as long as people have been charged for receiving television programming -- some people have tried to game the system through all manner of technical trickery, otherwise known as "hacks."

Way back when, when the technology was relatively new and less sophisticated than it is now, "hacking" the system wasn't as involved, costly or dangerous as it is today.

But now, if you want to try and come up with a DirecTV hack -- or heck to steal any kind of television programming -- not only are you fighting one of the toughest technological uphill battles there is, you're also asking for "the man" to come down on you swift and hard.

But don't take our word for it. Here are a few recent cases to keep in mind...

- DirecTV was recently awarded $70,450.00 in damages against a Pennsylvania man who stole DirecTV programming for more than a year.

- A South Carolina man recently plead guilty to distributing illegal DirecTV cards (the classic DirecTV hack) and now faces $750,000.00 in fines and three years in prison.

- And lest you think it stops with private individuals, DirecTV recently won a case against a New York bar that was fined $50,000.00 for their Direct TV hack.

I'd be willing to bet any of these three wish now they would have just ponied up the $40 a month or so to get DirecTV programming legally, wouldn't you?

Is Trying to Find a DirecTV Hack Worth it?

There is some discussion among the propeller-head community that the search for a DirecTV hack is simply born out of their unquenchable thirst for knowledge -- they just want to get inside the system to "see how it works."

For some, that may be true. But that doesn't mean it's any more legal.

Like the early days of the computer hackers who broke into all manner of networks simply to poke around -- and simply because they could -- these hackers use the argument that they could care less about the programming they're stealing, but are only interested in the technology behind it.

But if that's true, there are a whole host of other legal "projects" out there for the insatiably curious. And none of them will get you fined $100,000 or put your in prison.

So, is going for the DirecTV hack worth it?

I know what I'd say. But I guess you have to decide for yourself, but DirecTV Card hacking is such a popular topic that a lot of people are interested. After all, it is human nature to prefer free stuff rather than pay, am I right?

Unfortunately, over the past few years, DirecTV have imposed an escalating series of encryption techniques to prevent DirecTV card hacking activities. However, there are hackers that have successfully cracked the latest DirecTV protection system.

These hackers "in the know," use their techniques and offer their service by hacking individual smart cards for DirecTV subscribers and for a "one time" charge. In return, the subscribers able to watch DirecTV programming without paying monthly subscription charges as long as that particular hack code stays effective. It can be as long as a week or two, or as little as a couple days. To become one of these hackers, you may spend dozens of hours to research the latest hack codes and then spend few hours to tweak the hack codes, and it still is only able to last for one or two night. Plus you have to purchase hundreds of dollars of electronic equipment to do the smartcard hacking.

DirecTV's current anti-hacking technology effectively turns these activities into time-consuming and of little use hobbies.

Let's do the math.

If we assume the monthly subscription fees for DirecTV programming is about $1 - $2 a day - You may end up paying more to the DirecTV Hackers. Or, another way, if your time is worth as little as $10 per hour, you can go into the red (not cost effective) in as little as 3 or 4 hours.

Worry-Free Signal Reliability. Packages starting at $29.99

Thus, If you decide to hack-a-wack a DirecTV card, you fail to serve your initial objective - SAVE MONEY$$

And lets not forget the fact you also risk your freedom, but most likely a fine, if you are one of the unlucky ones DirecTV detects and takes action against.

I, personally, think my time is worth more than $10 per hour, but even at $5 per hour, it still is not cost-effective most of the time. There are just too many subscription deals out there to waste time, and money, hacking them at this time.


Another wacky opinion of DirecTV Service

Everyone wants to get something for free, but in some cases, this may end up getting you put into jail. Direct TV hacking is something that people think is very easy, but it can be quite difficult and it will probably not last very long.

It is also illegal and can get you into legal troubles that will be difficult or even impossible to get out of. Why would someone want to hack Direct TV?

The most common reason is simply because people do not want to spend the money on having Direct TV installed legally. It costs money every month to get service from Direct TV and some people just do not want to make that expenditure.

The sad thing is that, in most cases, it is not because they don’t have the money, rather it is just because they are cheap. Another reason is that the hacker just wants to see if he/she can get by with it.

People are thrill seekers who like to live on the edge and this tendency can cause people to take chances that are not thought out very well. This decision can cause you to end up in jail or you may have to pay some stiff fines. It is not worth the money that you may save.

Stealing Direct TV service could possibly only work for a few days and it can be very expensive. The bad thing is that when you pay someone to hack into Direct TV service for your home, you may be actually paying more than it would cost you to simply have the direct TV for a year.

You may pay an exorbitant amount to have the Direct TV service hacked for you to enjoy and then you may find that the hack only lasts for a day or two at the most. This will mean that you spent that money for nothing, which is a waste.

It is a much better idea to just get Direct TV the legal way. You get a free satellite and receiver if you sign up for service anyway, and the monthly service fee will cost you much less than having someone to hack into the service.

It also costs you much less than it will if you have to go to jail and pay for court fees and a lawyer. Free is better, unless you are stealing. And make no mistake -- you are, in fact, stealing when you hack Direct TV. Most people do not consider this as a crime, but it is. And one that can get you sent away for a long time.

Saving money should be commended, but when you are not doing it in a legal way, you are taking a chance of being caught, which can cause you to spend even more money – not to mention doing some hard time -- that you don’t have. Be smart and get your Direct TV the legal way.

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According to Wong’s article, “I reminisced about the good old days when things were much simpler” (Ezine Articles. para.1). In fact, everything in the world was much simpler many years ago. Everything of the images on television was only black and white when television just appeared in the world. However, technology is higher and the images on television are clearer. Also, people can have a lot of technology related to television such as DVD recorder, HDD, and so on. Do you know what Direct TV is? How do you think that Direct TV is spread around the world? Direct TV is known for its high quality and variety of channels very much. According to the article, “Direct TV is America’s top rated digital satellite entertainment service provide”(JUNK YARD. para. 2). In the future, Direct TV will be offered in everywhere. Many people want to have Direct TV because of the high quality and technology. While it is known that Direct TV has a lot of advantages, it is on some unveiled problems. People suffer from these problems after they decide to buy and use Direct TV. According to the article, DirecTV get complaints from many customers (Federal Trade Commission. para 14.). For Direct TV to take advantage of its benefit, it must address these problems. Direct TV has a complicated system. Direct TV has high cost for connecting and managing. Direct TV makes it easy to hack TV programs clearly.

Direct TV is “a direct broadcast satellite service that delivers digital broadcasting” (The Direct TV Advantage, 2007, para.1). Direct TV is owned by DirecTV, which is controlled by Liberty Media. DirecTV broadcasts television shows, sports, movies, and music to households in the United States and Latin America through Direct TV. Direc TV offers the incredibly useful digital video recorder. According to the article, “The History of DirecTV” (2006), Satellite broadcasting was founded by Stanley Hubbard in the U.S. in 1981. DirecTV was founded 1994. After many years, the technology developed to enable the building of very high power satellites and digital compression. DirecTV became No.1 in customer service as rated by JD Powers & Associates in 2002 and 2003. DirecTV stopped carrying Music choice audio-channels, replacing it with 73 channels in 2005. Direct TV tried to increase to more and more channels. Today, DirecTV offers us over 800 channels with high quality. More and more customers try to have Direct TV with higher quality. On the other hand, Direct TV does not have only benefits. It gives us problems with benefits. So, some people do not like to have Direct TV. Also, some people have noticed some disadvantages of Direct TV after they have gotten it. These problems may declare why everyone does not change to Direct TV.

First, Direct TV has a very complicated system. The better the quality of the machines people have, the more complicated their systems are. Direct TV has many complicated operations because of high quality. It may be difficult to connect to Direct TV by oneself even though there is a manual for connecting it. People may need a specialist for connecting Direct TV. Also, people might be able to solve problems just through telephone customer service when the previous television that does not have high quality has problems. People will need to have a specialist or to go to the technology shop. That will make people annoyed. In addition, people will need to have a specialist or to go to a technology shop also when Direct TV is broken. It means that it takes a long time to solve problems or fix Direct TV. According to the article, “Once that was done and she maintained that it was still blurry and she was missing her favorite daytime drama, I went on to the second precaution on the checklist, which was to go outside and check her satellite dish on her roof” (Sattelite Information. para. 2). Thus, problems such as thing sometimes happen. Some customers are confused because of the complicated system. Some customers cannot solve problems even if it is easy for the specialist. We will have a long process to solve problems or fix Direct TV. The complicated system makes us more confused. Also, we need to pay money for the specialist who fixes it. The complicated system is not good for people who do not have the knowledge of technology, especially old people. It is very difficult to connect and use high technology such as thing. Whenever we have a new technology, old people will be confused and scared. DirecTV should think that customers can use Direct TV easily.

Next, Direct TV is expensive for connecting and managing. In some cases, you have to buy a specific TV and an antenna for Direct TV if you want to connect to Direct TV. If you get all of the products for Direct TV, it will be expensive. Then, you also may have to pay money for the person who connects the Direct TV. You will pay money to the specialist who connects to Direct TV. In other cases, you may have to install Direct TV programs. You have to pay money whenever you install TV programs. Also, Direct TV is easy to consume or be broken because of high quality. You need money for fixing Direct TV. Direct TV will make us pay more money than we expect. If you use Direct TV, you have to pay a lot of money before you use it. Also, you suffered from paying the specialist who solves the problems or fixes Direct TV after you use Direct TV. People spend a lot of money for Direct TV. DirecTV should offer customers the service for solving problems and fix Direct TV free or as low a price as possible.

Finally, it is possible to hack TV programs easily and clearly. According to Anderson’s article, “Everyone wants to get something for free” (Ezine Articles, para.1). Needless to say, everyone would prefer to get something free. However, some people pay for Direct TV if they need to pay. Others do not want to have Direct TV with paying money. There are some reasons why someone may want to hack Direct TV illegally. The first reason is that people do not want to pay for Direct TV. People have to pay money every month to get service. The second reason is just that people do not have money to pay for the service. However, they want to see TV programs with high quality on Direct TV. It may seem to be difficult to hack TV programs on Direct TV because of their high quality. Sad to say, the hacking system becomes high quality with new technology. Also, the images will be clearer because of high quality if TV programs are installed illegally. That makes hackers install TV programs easily and clearly. Then, hackers may earn money by hacking Direct TV. When people pay someone to hack Direct TV service at home, they will pay more than if they simply have Direct TV. Also, most people do not notice that the action of hacking is illegal. Someone has to pay more money for court fees and lawyers if they go to jail. It is a better idea to simply get Direct TV in the legal way.

Supporters of Direct TV discuss the fact that it is a good solution because it gives us more choices of channels. In fact, Direct TV offers us 800 channels include shows, sports, movies, music, and so on. We may be able to choose one channel from many varieties. Also, we may get more interests. However, these arguments do not give more choices of varieties and interests. One channel may have the specific genre of TV programs. The varieties will be limited. In fact, many channels broadcast the same programs again and again. You can see the same program many times in one day. It makes us bored for watching the same programs and annoyed for searching the channel that you want to watch. In addition, it may be difficult to get new information or news because you will always change the channel for seeking the program that you want to watch. You may take a long time to search for the program that you want to watch while changing the channels. Therefore, you may lose the chance to watch the programs you want to watch. Also, you may lose the new information or news while searching for the channel. In addition, you may notice the channels that you like. So, you will watch only the channels that you like. You will not care about other channels. Thus, you will not have the chance to have new interests. DirecTV should broadcast various programs on various channels every day. We will be able to get more interests, information, and news.

It is very clear that Direct TV has some big problems after people buy and use it. It is difficult to say that Direct TV has a completely good system. DirecTV should consider the solution of the problems of its complicated system, the high cost, and the easy hacking.

It will not be impossible for Direct TV to solve these problems. DirecTV should inform people not only advantages but also problems. People can see both advantages and disadvantages, and then they can think about buying or not. If DirecTV offer various generation Direct TV, they should care about people who do not have the knowledge of technology very well. Also, DirecTV should offer the customer service more easy and free. Thus, more people will trust Direct TV and buy it.