How FLiXER's Online Studio Works

Welcome to the's "How To" section. Don't hesitate to contact us if anything is unclear. Looking for something specific? Search our site or try Search for Users.

FLiXER is the low-budget (under $1 million) filmmakers online studio resource for unique locations and production assets as well as talented actors and crew. A studio where they don't stop you at the gate or force you to have a mega-budgeted project to get any attention.

FLiXER works on a simple premise - you got stuff you're probably not using much, and / or you're interested in entertainment production (film / tv / video / music). At FLiXER you can find "stuff" (aka resources or assets) to make your own film or provide "stuff," like a location (your house, your farm or your neighbors ranch) for fun, education or profit.  Of course, you can do both. Most people will.

So, the easy part is this - you fill out a profile once you register (okay, it's a few minutes to do it well) with all the stuff you're good at, with what you're interested in and most importantly, where you are located. You can then create "Location Listings," "Production Asset Pages,"  and "Literary Asset Pages" (screenplays, novels, treatments, etc.) - all with photos, rich descriptions and location data. Then you wait. As producers, directors and location scouts, low-budget or massive-budget, begin their pre-production, they can then search for your "asset" by type or location. If you're the only one with a working thingamajig from the 1800s, then the producers of Thingamajig's Revenge will want to know about you.

And speaking of you, you are probably the most important resource. Your skill, your experience and your enthusiasm are what drives independent filmmaking. Just getting a few of you together is enough to make things happen. There are a lot of you out there in every town and province and especially university - wouldn't you like to know about somebody close by that might be interested in your production or visa-versa? If you're registered here, that can happen. That will happen. You will no longer have to use your little sister as both a DP and leading lady. She may insist on it nonetheless, but you'll have a choice (which may come with it's own consequences).

If you have beautiful property in the Rocky Mountains, and you'd be interested in renting it out for a movie production, then take some photos and create a listing. It might take a year, but the next Cold Mountain may be shot on your land. Or, some young director will shoot a low-budget film (sure, not as profitable as a major production, but still very worthwhile) and boom, you're in Sundance. Well, at least your location is there. That's gotta help your property value and maybe add a bit of bragging rights.

Or, for instance, what if you're a camera-man? You got stuff. More than likely, you got cameras and lenses and who knows what else like lighting equipment too. How much good is it doing in the closet? Wanna make a little cash renting it out, or at least use it once in a while? You know the drill, you provide the equipment and boom, you're the DP. And maybe a little cash for your trouble to boot. At least you are out there shooting and not watching American Idol.

Any asset that could be used in film-making, wants to be used in film-making. Especially unique items for props. And vehicles. And trailers. And balloons, yes big balloons. Put it up on FLiXER and see where the balloon takes you.

If you're looking to start a production, then find what you want, near where you are, and as original as it comes. Actors can post headshots, crew can post resumes, and producers can find stuff. And there's one thing we all have, and that's stuff. FLiXER wants to put that stuff, and those skills, into more movies.