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Review Poster Image - FLiXER - August 10, 2010 - 8:12am

Eat Pray Love (2010) - Weekly Pick

Eat Pray Love is an exceptional prescription for the unhappy in us all. A human odyssey in finding our better selves amid the billions.

The awful truth about happiness is how rare it really is. How quickly it can slip away, and how subtle it can be. No amount of romcom viewings is gonna change your level of happiness, if, in fact, it even exists. Searching for it can be an exercise in futility for some and/or a life-long journey for others. Is happiness a biological mistake? A side-effect of a conditioned response that has gained immense cultural importance? I hope not, but fear our human brain is far more lizard than bunny.

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ZOMBIELAND (2009) Weekly Pick + Review

Zombieland (2009) View now and get a zombiebat for free as a thank you for your time, and effort, completing this movie. After which you will need a double tap of strong beer to kill the broad comedic nuggets rattling around in your zombie loving noggin.

UTA Job List (10-05-2010)

More entertainment jobs at FLiXER's Job Board. NOTE: Unless specific permission is given within the listing, DO NOT CALL about positions or to follow up.



Project by MJ DuBarr at FLiXER (02/03/2012 - 8:00pm)
MJsMUAH Portfolio Mini Showcase From simple to extravagant creativity, MJ is a talented makeup artist and hairstylist with unique visions. As a young girl, MJ’s artistic skills can be seen since even before big projects assigned in school. Painting posters in community clubs and drawing pictures for the refrigerator were only the beginning of her amazing creative talent. From painting with her fingers to using makeup brushes to express her passion for creativity, MJ feels that paper is flat and dull. She has chosen to unravel her talent on the only canvas worthy, the human face. Every face is...

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Produced By (June 4-6, 2010)(Fox Lot)

Mercury Blog Image - FLiXER
Calling All Filmmakers!   The Producers Guild of America (PGA will hold the second annual Produced By Conference June 4-6 at the 20th Century Fox Studios in Los Angeles. For one weekend only, you will learn from and have access to the greatest producers in film, television and new media. This conference will feature extraordinary panel sessions, unique mentoring roundtables, special workshops and exhibits, new tech demos and most of all incomparable networking opportunities.

UTA Job List (03-04-2011)

One of the things UTA is famous for is the elusive "UTA Job List". The list includes many assistant position job listings for agent/publicist/manager hopefuls. UTA will not confirm the existence of such a list, but it does indeed exist and is only available to those with connections to people within Hollywood to be able to obtain it.  

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Andrew Strong 2010 Tour

Braden Blog Image - FLiXER
At the age of 17 Andrew Strong was catapulted to worldwide fame in Alan Parker's highly successful film "The Commitments". Andrew played the lead role of Deco Cuff, and caused a sensation by doing his own vocals in the film and on the soundtrack. The soundtrack album was a huge success, selling over 15 million copies worldwide, setting a new standard for blockbuster film soundtracks. During this period Andrew received commercial endorsements and made numerous special appearances, increasing his exposure on television around the world.

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Who is Betty Brant? And is she the girl with the spidery tattoo?

superman Blog Image - FLiXER
Emma Stone may have taken the Easy A route to Gwen Stacy in Spider-Man (reboot), but there is one part that may be more... resilient than it seems. She's sat in the background watching and waiting for her spotlight and I think now's the time. Elizabeth Brant. Betty to her friends and there are many. Some have rumored Zooey Descahanel, and others pine for Elizabeth Banks who's already had the forgotten part in the previous Spider-Man movies. But whom ever gets it, keep in mind, Betty is no push-over. As a tough girl from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Betty has the goods. She's smart and savvy,...


Boondock Saints II: All Saints Day (2009) - Movie Review

Review Poster Image - FLiXER - 10/04/2014 - 10:24am
Round two for Troy Duffy. Taking place right after the first, they didn't even have time to spend the $26K the first movie grossed. Somebody, somewhere is hoping it'll make more this time, but with 65 theaters, I don't know. Michael Jackson is the big elephant man this weekend, but those 3400 theaters are gonna be less full than Sony has deluded themselves to believe. If you like your movies Irish, then welcome the brothers Connor (Sean Patrick Flannery) and Murphy (Norman Reedus) McManus, now actually in Ireland from their usual Boston digs. Hiding out does that to ya, but I won...

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Gone Forever - Farrah Fawcett - Dead at 62

Farrah Fawcett, an actress dedicated to her craft even if she was best known for a pose in a red swimsuit and a starring role in the TV series Charlie’s Angels, died today. The native Texan and former Houston resident, who suffered from cancer, was 62.

UTA Job List (09-02-2010)

More entertainment jobs at FLiXER's Job Board. NOTE: Unless specific permission is given within the listing, DO NOT CALL about positions or to follow up. EXECUTIVE & MANAGEMENT POSITIONS Matthew Baer Films is seeking a development executive. Looking for a smart, focused individual with a strong development background and a passion for movies. Agency experience a plus. Job includes light administrative duties but will primarily focus on finding and creating new feature projects. Email resume and cover letter to: bhdevexec [at] gmail [dot] com 8/27 ASSISTANT LEVEL United Talent...

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SURROGATES (2009) Weekly Pick + Review

Surrogates (2009) Come on, who hasn't dated a robot? You live in a big city long enough and, well, you get the bionic treatment. I'm not saying there is anything wrong with it, but it's just a shade above online hooking, er, I mean dating.