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Review Poster Image - FLiXER - August 12, 2010 - 5:47pm

2012 (2009) - Weekly Pick

2012, 2013, whatever it takes. Apparently it takes 57 action shots per minute to kill the world. Or maybe that was just my killed. Or, just maybe, it was a year of bad news, bad people and bad poster design all crammed into 158 minutes of badda-bing.

I didn't understand the script. It seemed...unfinished, but it's really hard to tell with action movies, so much is not on the page. But, no. This is no Posieden Adventure. This is no Armageddon, which, did ya know, was co-written by J.J. Abrams? No, the acting and story are doomed, much like the earth in this movie.

Now, what's to like? Well, OH MY GAWD! THE EFFECTS ARE RIDICULOUS! AMAZING! OVER, seriously, OVER THE TOP EFFECTS SEQUENCES! The destruction of LA is like a 7 minute sequence that is about a hundred death defying high-speed escapes strung one after another amongst unbelievable physical destruction and a rather kick-ass "lucky" limo that does far more than the one owned by POTUS.

Don't have a drink in your hand when this sequence starts, unless you want to replicate the ocean covering your lap. You'll shudder as the rumble of water and earthly upheaval overtakes the Santa Monica Pier and it's ferris-wheel. You can just see my house, lifting up, and then, covered by 200 feet of water. At least Venice outlived Santa Monica.

And, like last week, how can you not be entertained by 2012? It's "made" by Columbia Pictures (presents), Centropolis Entertainment (as Centropolis), Farewell Productions, and the The Mark Gordon Company and produced by no less than 10 producers!:

Aaron Boyd .... co-producer
Roland Emmerich .... producer
Ute Emmerich .... executive producer
Volker Engel .... co-producer
Larry J. Franco .... producer
Mark Gordon .... executive producer
Harald Kloser .... producer
Marc Weigert .... co-producer
Michael Wimer .... executive producer
Kirstin Winkler .... associate producer

Including Ute Emmerich, who is Roland's sister and really should strike out on her own at this point. And yes, once again, this is a popcorn movie, you can toss it up with impunity. It is my prediction that this movie will become 'The Dark Side Of The Moon' to home theater testing.


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FLiXER's Movie Pick is relative. It may not be the best movie of all time, but it's the best movie opening this weekend. We think. Maybe.

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