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Sassy Sienna Miller makes a Broadway debut

Sienna Miller

NEW YORK – It certainly sounds juicy: A British starlet makes her Broadway debut opposite her ex-fiance's best friend in a play about a doomed love triangle. Making it even spicier? Her ex-fiance happens to be just two blocks away in his own play.
Too delicious, right? But Sienna Miller will have none of it. Yes, Jude Law is playing the lead in "Hamlet" at the same time that she's in "After Miss Julie" with Law's best friend, but so what?
She says there's no bad blood between her and the man with whom she was engaged until 2006 when he cheated on her during a fling with the nanny of his three children.
"People want to make a big thing that it's weird — it's not," the 27-year-old actress says. "For me, people would love to make a whole meal out of it, but I've seen 'Hamlet' twice now and there's no weirdness for me personally that he's there and I'm here."

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Submitted by Mercury on October 21, 2009 - 5:06pm


Save Face(book) By Keeping Things Private

superman Blog Image - FLiXER

UPDATE: Deprecated: Facebook privacy a moving target now.

Facebook Principles
From Facebook's Privacy Policy:
We built Facebook to make it easy to share information with your friends and people around you. We understand you may not want everyone in the world to have the information you share on Facebook; that is why we give you control of your information. Our default privacy settings limit the information displayed in your profile to your networks and other reasonable community limitations that we tell you about.

Facebook follows two core principles:

1. You should have control over your personal information.

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Submitted by Mercury on September 28, 2009 - 8:10am


Mischa Barton - 5150, 5151 Whatever It Takes...

Mischa's been placed under an involuntary psychiatric hold (also known as a 5150) by the Los Angeles Police Department and is currently at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center, reports Access Hollywood.

The next 72 hours could bring serious soul searching and seriously hot photo-shoots of her in white. Defamer says she missed her comeback in New York tonight by missing the premiere of her new movie, Homecoming. Or, just maybe, the comeback starts with 72 hours of crazy...

And in all seriousness, we all hope she's just "actor crazy" which can be fun and exciting, and not anything else, which is definitely not. FLiXER believes a healthy twiggy actor, is a happy twiggy actor.

Mischa Barton in grass

Mischa Barton - The grass is greener.

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Submitted by Mercury on July 17, 2009 - 8:38am


He May Be Wacko, But He Was Our Jacko - Michael Jackson Dead At 50

Michael Jackson Dead at 50

UPDATE: Was Michael Muslim as the Internet rumor mill claims? Michael Jackson allegedly become a Muslim in November 2008 and changed his name to Mikaeel. If that is so, will it affect his funeral?

It does appear Michael converted to Islam in November of 2008. The singer, who was raised as a Jehovah's Witness, converted to Islam in a ceremony at a friend's house in Los Angeles. He is said to have sat on the floor and worn a small hat while an imam officiated.

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Submitted by Mercury on June 26, 2009 - 8:45am


Gone Forever - Farrah Fawcett - Dead at 62

Farrah Fawcett 70s PosterFarrah Fawcett, an actress dedicated to her craft even if she was best known for a pose in a red swimsuit and a starring role in the TV series Charlie’s Angels, died today.

The native Texan and former Houston resident, who suffered from cancer, was 62.

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Submitted by Mercury on June 25, 2009 - 11:06am

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