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It’s no secret that Industry Insiders change their contact information as often as most of us change our socks. That’s why you need Hollywood Creative and Representation Directories, the most up-to-date and respected address books available on the market.

Hollywood Creative Directory content is timely, thorough and loaded with the potential to open the doors to your Hollywood future. Get yours now!


Hollywood Creative DirectoryHollywood Creative Directory

The Hollywood Creative Directory, commonly referred to as “the phone book to Hollywood,” puts over 11,000 producers and executives (including their titles!) at your fingertips. This information powerhouse gives you a credible source to create a customized contact list.

This essential book can be found on the desk of every studio executive, director, producer, writer, and actor in the entertainment industry.

SRP $79.95 Sale Price $59.95

Get the Hollywood Creative Directory now >>


Representation Directory

The Hollywood Representation Directory is the most complete, reliable and comprehensive reference book on Hollywood talent and literary agents and managers.

In addition to talent agents and managers the directory also includes separate sections on Entertainment Attorneys, Publicity Companies and Casting Directors - a one-stop shop for representation and getting work in the industry.

SRP $64.95 Sale Price $49.95

Get the Hollywood Representation Directory now >>


Hollywood Creative Directory BundleHollywood Creative Directory Bundle

Want the ultimate contact collection? Pick up the Hollywood Directory Bundle, containing both the Creative and Representation books.

SRP $144.90 Sale Price $99.95

Get the Hollywood Directory Bundle now >>

Link http://bit.ly/dc62i4

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