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Acclaimed Independent Producers David Hillary (Spun) and Timothy Peternel (Buffalo '66) announce their latest feature film - Everlasting with Writer / Director Anthony Stabley attached. Famed Casting Director Shannon Makhanian (Wrist Cutters, Brothers Bloom) will also Co-Produce.

Everlasting follows a Colorado High School filmmaker's journey as he documents his eventual confrontation with a Serial Killer. It asks the questions - What is the price for fame? What is the price for life?

The United States has 85% of the world's serial killers and, at any given time, twenty to fifty unidentified and active serial killers are at "work" continually changing their targets, their methods and their desires. Hollywood, a favorite destination for dreamers and runaways, is a rich hunting ground. With it's siren song of everlasting fame and fortune, Hollywood's seedy, sometimes gothic, underbelly entices the broken and beautiful. And those that lead transient and anonymous lives are usually not reported missing promptly and receive little police or media attention, making them excellent targets.

Anthony Stabley (Writer / Director) was born in Bolivia and raised in the U.S. His grandmother was a movie theater owner; so from a young age he acquired a great appreciation for Cinema that has stayed with him to this day. Stabley began building miniatures as a member of Robert Skotak’s Academy Award Winning VFX team on Terminator 2 then moved into Art Direction with feature credits such as Stigmata, White Oleander and City of Industry.

Praised for his story-telling and visual design, Stabley branched out in early 2000 - Writing /  Directing shorts that reflected his life experiences, starting with This is Not a Film (Spirit Award - Miami Beach Cinematheque) and the Pop Art Comedy  - Marta's Sex Tape with Producer Mariana Kahlo filmed in Mexico plus the Hollywood based Electronica trilogy (Audience Award - iPod Film Festival).

David Hillary has Produced several critically acclaimed films including Spun (Sundance 2003) starring Jason Schwartzman, Brittney Murphy, Adam Goldberg’s I Love Your Work starring Giovanni Ribisi, Christina Ricci plus The Last Word starring Winona Ryder, Wes Bentley (Sundance 2008) and Asia Argento’s The Heart is Deceitful Above All Things (Cannes 2004).

Timothy Peternel partnered with David Hillary to create Deviant Films, a cutting-edge independent production company with a vision to create innovative, provocative material of all genres by introducing new talent and re-inventing, re-discovering and re-introducing established talent in a variety of roles in front of, and behind, the camera. He supervised the production of Buffalo ’66, American Psycho, Virgin Suicides and Bully.

Shannon Makhanian (Casting Director / Producer) is one of the premiere casting directors in Hollywood, whether it’s for an indie film or a larger studio picture. Her credits include The Brothers Bloom, Wrist Cutters: A Love Story plus Festival favorites Brick (Special Jury Prize Winner - Sundance), I Love Your Work (Official Selection - Toronto). She's also the Producer of the upcoming features Where The Road Meets Sun, The Five Star Story and Slightly Single in L.A.

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